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Pool & Open Water Training & Education

Pool Diver

Designed for those individuals who wish to partake in SCUBA activities but cannot or do not wish to venture into the open ocean.

Snorkel Diver

Designed for those individuals who wish to experience the wonders of the open ocean but cannot or do not wish to dive beneath its surface.


A reduced, yet certified, SCUBA program which allows individuals to SCUBA dive beneath the surface. Certified individuals will need to dive with an appropriately trained and certified dive instructor.

Assistant Diver

Surface assistant

The Surface Assistant course is for non-divers to assist in disabled diving activities from the surface.

Ideal for relatives, friends or carers who are not able to SCUBA dive.

Assistant Diver

The Assistant Diver program teaches a recreational diver to function as a disabled diver's assistant.

Ideal for dive-certified friends, relatives or carers who wish to assist the disabled diver on, and under, the surface.

Open Water Diver

Designed for those individuals who wish to obtain a diver certification.



We offer bespoke programs, designed around the client’s specific needs, to ensure that physical, mental or emotional goals are clearly articulated and planned out. Improvements will be measured against a set baseline. Course durations depend entirely upon the requirements and objectives of each program.

Rehab Diver

The Rehab Diver course is designed for diving health professionals to open up a new branch of medicine, by applying established physical rehabilitation techniques in a realm where the effect of gravity can be adjusted at will.

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