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We offer a range of certification courses, based around DDI (Disabled Divers International) protocols. The

core teaching agency standards we use are SDI (Sport

Divers International) and PADI (Professional Association

of Diving Instructors).

We believe that a healthy mind and healthy  nutrition improve a diver’s wellbeing and increases their enjoyment of the diving, whilst minimizing risks


Healthy Food

We believe that using SCUBA can greatly improve an

individuals’ physical and mental wellbeing. The effects of

gravity are greatly reduced, allowing for gentler but more

effective rehabilitation exercises.

We are passionate about developing Cairns region and FNQ as a Centre of Excellence for accessible tourism

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Our Vision


Our vision is to be the Centre of Excellence for accesible diving

Our Mission


Our mission is to open the wonder of SCUBA diving to individuals with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities and allow them to participate in underwater activities

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